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Warriors Bologna
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It is fundamental to choose the right material for your cards. Quality, price and mechanical resistance depend on it.


PVC: Most frequently used for card production. High printability level, and excellent mechanical resistance.Excellent price / quality rate, lots of providers, but it is not environmentally accepted..It can be transparent, glossy or matt, laminated or varnished.


PET-G: More resistant than PVC, especially at high temperatures.Completely recyclable. It can be transparent, glossy, matt, laminated or varnished.


PVC-PETG: Composite material, that combines advantages of both PVC and PETG. It can only be laminated.


POLYSTYRENE: Inexpensive material, therefore suggested for high-quantity productions. Recyclable, mostly used in the food market. Good alternative to PVC, especially for cards with a limited time usage.


THIN CARDBOARD: Good alternative to plastic materials, especially for high-quantity productions. Plastified or varnished, allows very low production costs. Suggested for cards with a limited time usage.


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