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ISO 9001:2008



They allow data exchange between the chip on the card and a reading machine. Contact cards follow  ISO 7816 Rule; it states physical and mechanic characteristics, the chip position on card, and all rules and protocols observed for encoding.


There are 2 kinds of contact card, different from each other:

  • Microprocessor card
  • Memory card

The microprocessor card have the same technical and component characteristics as a small computer: a CPU that processes data, a RAM that makes all programs in chip operative, a ROM and an EEPROM.
Memory cards can be defined like some sort of floppy disk or a CD: simply available memory, therefore they do not have an operating system, they have to find it in external reading devices.



Contacless cards use radio frequencies to provide a wireless connection to the reader.
A transmitting antenna is inserted in the reader, and a receiving antenna is inserted in the card and connected to the chip: when the card is close to the reader (not further than 1 meter, depending on the antenna type), a sufficient amount of energy is generated in order to make the chip function (in contact cards such energy is generated by the contact between the two reading/writing devices).
The innovation key of such technology consists of the zero-connecting-time between the card and the reader, together with the adaptability of readers in terms of dimensions.

They are defined according to frequency:

smart card
  • Low frequency: 125 KHz; 2-100 cm  range; from 64 bit to 1 Kbit memory – Mainly used for access,  vending machine
  • High frequency: 13.56 MHz; 3-10 cm range, up to 2 Kbyte memory – Mainly used for huge access and staff handling.


Our standards  
Type Code
Smart contact 4442 compatible
Smart contact sle 4428
Smart contact sle 4432
Smart contact sle 5542 fcos
Smart contact sle 4442 fcos
Smart contactless 125 KHz ro
Smart contactless 125 KHz rw
Smart contactless Titan 13,56 MHz rw



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