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Warriors Bologna
ISO 9001:2008



Mainly used in our production. It allows extremely fast production time.Thanks to a technology developed and increased by us, we grant top quality, precision, very vivid and thick colors.  Digital printing allows to handle variable data (personal data, codes, photo) together with the colors to be printed. Card personalization can be provided before lamination. Lamination will protect all data, granting more security and endurance of cards. Such technique is used for quantities up to 10.000 cards.



We use it to print metallic, glittered colors, and signature panels. Colors are very bright and clear. Faded colors, or very thin lines cannot be printed.



We use it for production of quantities over 10.000 cards. It does not grant the same quality of colors and results of digital printing, but production times are very quick and price/quality rate is very good. Cards cannot be personalized before lamination.

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