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Warriors Bologna
ISO 9001:2008


Sales Terms

In compliance to  L. D. 70/2003, L.D.185/99 about  long distance contracts (on-line), and warranty for the Purchaser.

  • Parties
    • Provider: Dynamicard Srl, Via Bellini, 18 - 40067 Pianoro (BO) - Italy, registered to CCIAA in Bologna R.E.A. n. BO-466492  on 19/02/2008 VAT nbr. 02774261206 (named; Provider).
      Client: the Subject identified by the personal data entered in our website at the moment of registration and acceptance of the following general terms.
  • Object
    • The Provider keeps at Client’s disposal a virtual shop, through the e-commerce service, where it is possible to see and purchase products. The Client can examine the Provider’s on-line catalogue, the sales promotions offered, and purchase according to the following sales terms.
  • Technology and safety
    • The system uses Paypal technology (based on encrypt  SSL3, algorithm Triple Des 128/256 bit), to grant safety of transactions.
  • Privacy Policy
    • The Provider informs that it is possible to visit the website, get information, prices,  check products’ specifications  without registration.
      It is mandatory to register, in order to shop on-line.
      In general, registration in not mandatory; its purpose is to set and maintain the contract agreements with the Provider, that will not be complied in case of deny. Clients can claim their rights, according to L.D. 196/2003.
      Personal details may be used with or without the aid of electronic or automated devices, directly or by an external Company, and - in compliance with the limits and conditions stated in art. 11, L. D. 196/2003 - with all the operations or collection of operations envisaged in art. 4 sub-section 1 lett. a), L. D. 196/2003.
      Personal data will not be used to send advertising, promotional material that do not concern on-line purchases in our e-shop. Personal data entered in Dynamicard website will be exclusively handled by authorized personnel from the Information System , Marketing, Administrative, Customer Relation Departments, or third parties that provide services to us, such as Shippers, Providers, and Banks that manage on-line purchases.

      The agreement between Provider and Client is regulated and protected by Italian Law (L.D. n.50 of 1992 -  take-back clause, L.D. n.185 of 1999, contract at distance, and art. 1469 bis and follow. c.c.),   and UE Consumer Organizations’ rules, as long as the Client’s purchases are not related to their own business.
  • Prices and warranty
    • Unless different notice, all prices are “VAT excluded” and in Euro (€), and valid at the moment of the Purchase Order to the Provider sending. The prices of some of the articles, or even all of them, might change during the day (once or more) without further notice. An invoice is issued for each purchase, and shipped together with the goods. The Provider is not responsible for taxes applied in other Countries.


  • Payments
    • Client may choose different methods of payment:

    • Advanced Bank transfer in favor of:
      Dynamicard Srl, Via Bellini, 18 - 40067 Pianoro (BO) - Italy
      Bank: Unicredit Banca
      Cod. IBAN: IT 07 F 02008 36930 000010910666
      Cod. BIC Swift: UNICRITB1NR7


      Accepted Credit Cards: "Visa, Mastercard" through Paypal system; payment to be required by e-mail to:

      Once a payment by credit card is done, Clients receive an e-mail from Paypal, stating the result of the transaction. If negative, the order WILL NOT be fulfilled.
  • Purchase order
    • Each order is distinguished by a code (purchase order number). It indicates: date of order, purchased products, shipping costs in Euro (VAT excluded), total due (VAT excluded). The purchase order will be fulfilled after  a written confirmation, that the Provider will send by e-mail to the address indicated by the Client in the registration form. The Client will be able to check the order status on the website,  Private Area section.
      The Provider ships by Express Courier; the Client itself may collect the goods at the Provider’s, or indicate and arrange another solution with the Provider. 

  • Price, terms, shipment
    • Shipment expenses are indicated on the purchase order first, and on the invoice afterwards. At the moment of delivery the Client must check if any damage occurred, if quantity and quality of the goods match with the shipping documents. If not, the Client must indicate discrepancies on the shipping document, in order to open a damage file.
      Delivery timing is around 2/3 working days, according to Express Courier’s timings. Any delay has to be imputed to them. An e-mail alert will be sent on the day of shipment, together with all the shipment details for tracking on-line.

  • Complaints and delayed shipments
    • The Client has the right to inform verbally the Provider about any problem occurred (delivery, mistakes, delays) by phone to +39 (0)51.6751173
      or by e-mail to
      The above complaints will be urgently fulfilled and solved..

  • Take back cause
    • Written instructions about take back clause are given to the Client with every purchase order. Take-back clause (L.D. 206/05 ) can be claimed by the Client within 10 working days from the shipment delivery, by letter sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address "Dynamicard Srl - Via Bellini, 18 - 40067 Pianoro (BO) Italy" A copy of such letter can be sent by fax, telex, telegram, e-mail as an anticipation to the original that must be sent within 48 hours. The Client must send back the purchased articles to the Provider Via Bellini, 18 - 40067 Pianoro (BO) within 10 days, in order to get a refund. This way, no penalty is foreseen, except for the shipping expenses.

      The Client must carefully keep in the original packages the goods he intends to send back to the Provider. Shipment back to the Provider is at Client’s expenses. The Provider will not accept back  damaged, broken products, and / or products without their original optional / devices. The Provider will refund the Client, after having checked that the turned in articles meet the above mentioned requirements. The Provider will fulfill and close take-back-clause files within 30 working days from the Client notification. Payment foreseen: bank transfer.
  • Client responsability
    • The Client grants, taking every responsibility, that all personal details provided at the moment of registration and acceptance of the general conditions in this website are true, and allow personal identification. The Provider is consequently not responsible for any illegal action made by  the Client.The Client commits to inform the Provider, by letter or e-mail, about any change of personal details. Personal details of the Client must also include a valid e-mail address, to be used by the Provider for any information.
  • Liability
    • The Provider disclaims all responsibility for malfunctions, service interruptions, due to act of God, incidental circumstances and all cases directly imputable to such reasons.
  • Validity of information
    • The Client acknowledges and accepts that all information relevant to on-line services and on-line purchases are given by the Provider by  e-mail, / web services. The Client acknowledges the validity of the above mentioned  Provider’s communications , and waives any claim against them and their subjects.
  • Complaints
    • The Client may send  remarks, objections, complaints to the Provider through:
      1. Page “Contacts” - section in website – (either registered or non-registered user);
      2. Note Section  printed on every purchase order form;
      3. E-mail to Customer Relation Dept.
      4. Phone: +39 (0)51.6751173
      5. Recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt to: Dynamicard Srl – Customer Relation Department -  Via Bellini, 18 - 40067 Pianoro (BO) – Italy
  • Costs for on-line connections
    • All on-line services on the website are subject to the prices of the Internet Provider chosen by the Client.

      All e-commerce services in the website are exclusively subject to Italian Laws.
  • Applicable laws
    • In compliance to artt. 1341 - 1342 C.C. , the Client asserts that he has read, understood and accepted the following clauses in the website deadline for complaints; Client responsibility; liability of Provider; validity of communications by e-mail; e-commerce: Privacy Policy.
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