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Warriors Bologna
ISO 9001:2008


We can provide the ideal solution to your requests, check the whole artwork together and offer a tailored package that fits your needs:

  • Graphics evaluation
  • Company Image
    • We cooperate with other companies and experts in marketing and communication, and therefore help you with everything concerning your logo creation, printing of brochure, leaflets, company profile, institutional writing-paper, notes etc.
  • Dedicated Software
    • We can develop dedicated software solutions, according to client’s requests.
  • Software standard
    • We have already developed software solutions that can be easily modified or customized, at low costs.
    • Solutions concern:
      • Attendance management, time and access survey
      • Client loyalty programs and cards
      • Electronic wallet
      • Score gathering

You can choose one or all of the above solutions.
We are a very flexible Company, and above all we want to be a reliable and loyal partner to our Clients.
Call us at 051/6751173 or contact us at, we will be glad to know and help you.



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