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Warriors Bologna
ISO 9001:2008


We offer a complete service in terms of consultancy, design, and improvement of the graphic used in your cards’ production process.


If you are interested , please contact us at


If you already have a graphic file, or if you plan to ask a designer to prepare one, please download our guide-lines to check compatibility with our technical devices.


If you already are our Client, you can find all necessary information on your dedicated pages, or you can require information at


How to send your graphic files:

  • By email at (max 5 Mb)
  • By mail: Dynamicard Srl, Via Porrettana 363, 40037 Sasso Marconi (BO)-Italy
  • By FTP through the dedicated page in our website (only for Clients), max 10 Mb

For further information, please contact us at


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