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Warriors Bologna
ISO 9001:2008


We can personalize your cards during the printing process, thanks to our dynamic digital printing system. The whole process can be managed in a very short time.

We grant higher quality and reliability than traditional techniques, thanks to the fact that your personalization remains under lamination.

According to your requests, we can also personalize your cards using other techniques, such as thermography, ink jet (also HD) and embossing.

  • Personalization through thermography
    • At hot temperature, the color is transferred from a special ribbon to the card. Printing can be one color (names, numbers, barcode, signature panel) or four-color (photo, logo). It is also possible to apply a protective and anti-counterfeiting overlay.
  • Ink Jet
    • It is possibile to personalize cards with barcodes or alphanumeric data. Quality is lower than thermography, but it is quicker and cheaper, therefore widely used for high quantities (over 50.000 pieces) and for phone cards. We can also offer the HD option, cheaper than thermography, and of very good quality.
  • Embossing
    • Among the most frequently used techniques in card personalization, especially for credit cards. A special punching machine creates “relief” characters on cards. In order to get a better result, and make characters more readable, they are colored using a “tipper” which is a device of the punching machine. Ribbons may be of different colors.

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