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ISO 9001:2008




Thanks to a chip positioned on the card, smart cards can store and handle increasing quantities of data, in a safe way. There are two main types: contact and contactless, which differ one from the other according to the transmission mode of data. It is also possible to combine the above two types; the result is a card that has the advantages and flexibility of the two.



The magnetic stripe is a band containing data, recordable on a binary system basis. It is machine-readable. It is widely used because all data and codes are not visible, and a huge amount of characters is recordable. It can be both read and re-written at the same time, therefore it holds active information. A magnetic stripe of two different types can be placed on cards
roll-on (hot stamped card by card)
flush-on (“flushed” on overlay)
The magnetic stripe can be defined as a “data container”, its dimension according to ISO rules is 12,5mm, and it is divided into three sections called “tracks”.


A series of  vertical bars of varying widths, in which each of the digits are represented by a different pattern of bars that can be read by a laser scanner. It is a cheap device, but also very poor in terms of security. It does not have any calculation faculty or memory, and it could have very high managing costs.




Characteristics BarCode Magnetic Stripe Smart
Calculation faculty No No Yes
Memory No Low High
Security Low Low High
Reliability Average Average High
Upgrade No Yes Yes
Cost Low Low Average/High
Cost of Operating System High High Average/Low
Maintenance Cost High High Low


We can produce card with ISO Standard dimensions, but also with different dimensions, on the basis of your request or design.


The international rule ISO/IEC 7810 defines the physical dimensions of cards:
Dimensions: CR80 - 86 x 54 mm (credit card)


Plastic Card
A Width 85,60 (+ 0,13)
B Height 53,98 (+ 0,05)
C Thickness 0,76 (+ 0,08)
Magnetic Stripe
D Min 15,82 mm
E Max 5,54 mm


The 7811 rule defines the characteristics of the magnetic stripe, its position on the card, encoding technique and the combination of the encoded characters.


Track ISO 1 (up) 79 alphanumeric characters Encoding density: 210 bpi
Track ISO 2 (middle) 40 numeric characters Encoding density: 75 bpi
Track ISO 3 (bottom) 107 numeric characters Encoding density: 210 bpi


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